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The swarm cells are uninucleate, with the nucleus in the anterior end just below the basal bodies. In addition to the nucleus and centrioles, Golgi complexes, mitochondria, food and contractile vacuoles and rough ER occur in the cytoplasm of swarmers and myxamoebae (Schuster, 1965; Aldrich, 1968). The nuclear envelope breaks down during late prophase and polar centrioles appear (Olive, 1975); mitosis is followed by cytokinesis. This situation is in contrast to plasmodial mitosis (p. 14). A noteworthy recent development is the in vitro synthesis of myxomycete microtubules by heat-induced polymerization of microtubule protein from myxamoebae of Physarum polycephalum (Quinlan et al, 1981).

Heterothallism has now been adequately demonstrated in 14 of the 38 species which have been studied in this respect (Collins, 1979). About half of the 14 species also encompass nonheterothallic forms. Heterothallism appears to be essentially of the bipolar type with multiple alleles at the mating type locus known in all the heterothallic species which have been investigated (Collins, 1963; Dee, 1966; Henney and Henney, 1968). In Physarum polycephalum, however, two mating type loci have been found, one Page 14 apparently controlling amoebal cell fusion and the other, plasmodium formation (Youngman et al, 1979; Kirouac-Brunet et al, 1981).

XXIII, Fig. 212). In color they may vary by transmitted light from hyaline to almost black, and ranging through various shades of violet, pinkish, yellow, and brown. In the darker spores there is often a strong purplish tinge to the color. In mass the color is more obvious, particularly in the paler forms. Many are brilliant yellow, pink, ferruginous, or purple. Even in the very dark-spored species, where the spore mass is black, there is often a distinct purplish cast. In a few species, particularly in Badhamia but also in other genera, the spores are aggregated into characteristic clusters (Pl.

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