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An English educating textual content with Tibetan translation. Many pages of routines. The English used to be translated into chinese language and it used to be from the chinese language that the Tibetan model was once made.

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They belong to those girls over there. (4 ) That ball isn’t hers. It belongs to this boy over here. ( Lesson 24: It’s Mine . Dialogue Teacher: Bob: Teacher: Bob: 9 Whose test paper is this? It’s mine, ma’am. And whose test paper is this? It’s Tony’s, ma’am. Teacher: Bob: 48 And why are your answers exactly the same as his? Because Tony has eyes in the back of his head. = 7 # < . Key Points ' 1. whose pron. * 3 3 " 8 # " # B B This is whose dog? (X, whose 3 Whose dog is this? (O, whose dog )( ) 8 " # B ) This dog is whose?

8 2. belong vi. 0 ) *belong to... " ( to 0 || Put that umbrella down. It doesn’t belong to you. ( ) ) 45 3. mine pron. 8. different adj. 4. yours pron. || I like many 3 different kinds of books. ( 5. those pron. ) 6. ours pron. 9. class n. 7. their pron. history class? ( . Grammar Points || What time is your $ ) $ 9 $ 1. This is my English book. 8 That is your English book. ( ) 8 Those books aren’t ours. ( this B 8 3 ) that, those ( this ( ) that ( ), these ( ), those ( ) # a. this that 7 these % This is my bike.

1) something I don’t have something important to tell you. (X, something ! I have something important to tell you. (O, something ) )( ) (2) anything Do you have anything important to tell me? (O, anything) ( 3 ) I don’t have anything important to tell you. (O, anything )( ) (3) nothing I don’t have nothing important to tell you. (X, nothing not = * ' ) H I have nothing important to tell you. = I don’t have anything important to tell you. (O, nothing ' )( ) 2. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have anything except casual clothes.

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