20150818_DonorBook_LHSADP_Montauk_boards_Page_5 (800x565)OUR GOAL: With half of the Montauk Playhouse Community Center operational since 2006, the Foundation’s goal is to complete the unfinished half of the historic building with facilities and programs that will best serve Montauk’s needs and desires.

YOUR VOICE: In the fall of 2013, we surveyed the Montauk community about the Playhouse. The results were decisive: over 90% of respondents – both full-time residents and second-home owners – clearly stated their desire for an indoor pool, and space for cultural programming, in a self-supporting facility that operates year-round.

With this clear dictate, we took a fresh look at our plans for completing the Playhouse.

A SINGULAR PLAN FOR A SINGULAR COMMUNITY: Updated plans call for two distinct facilities within the Playhouse: an Aquatic Center and a flexible-use Cultural Center.

Led by the principle “Programming Precedes Design,” the concept for the new facilities was developed to meet the unique needs of our area. In 2015, the Foundation hired world-class architectural firm Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership, which has taken our initial concept drawings and turned them into an exciting, beautiful design plan for the unfinished half of the Montauk Playhouse.

  • The Aquatic Center will take full advantage of the abundant natural light and expansive feel gained from a vaulted atrium ceiling—reminiscent of the building’s original design. It will feature two pools, one for fitness training and one for recreation, across two levels.
  • The Cultural Center will offer a multi-use performance space upstairs and a meeting and activity room downstairs that can be easily divided into smaller spaces. Its flexible design will allow for theater productions, live music, conferences, community programming and more.
  • A breathtaking light well, under a large new skylight, will naturally illuminate both pool levels and the two-story Entrance Lobby. This large area will be ideal for community congregation and will provide ample space for exhibits and art shows.

With an eye toward long-term sustainability, the centers will be self-supporting through membership revenues, event admissions, and rentals.

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LOOKING TOWARD MONTAUK’S FUTURE: The realization of our goal for creating a permanent home for theater, culture, arts, music, aquatics, recreation and community programs here in Montauk is closer than ever before. We need everyone to join us in this final push to raise the funds necessary to complete construction.