DonateEach and every donation brings us a step closer to our to our goal of COMPLETING the Montauk Playhouse Community Center.

Quite simply, the Playhouse could not function without our generous supporters. Donations are accepted by mail, online, in person at the Foundation office at the Playhouse, or by phone.

Jimmy_Buffett_1 (640x639)“Montauk has been on my songline for a long time because weather is a part of what I sing and write about, and boy is there weather galore in Montauk…The Montauk Playhouse is at the foundation of the future generation of those who will come to the seashore for their time in the sun, and of course, the fog.” – Jimmy Buffett

Ongoing Support
You can make a long-term commitment to the Playhouse with an automatic monthly donation.  This kind of continuing support really helps keep the Foundation going and sustains our efforts to keep growing. It also adds up quickly – a monthly gift can quickly become a $5,000 or $25,000 gift. Contact us to set up a monthly donation.

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